Privacy Policy

Date of Last Revision: October 30, 2015

This Privacy Policy governs our relationship with users and others who interact with,  hereinafter referred to as “the website”, as well as the website brands, products and services, which we call the “the website services” or “services”.


When you use the website services, you trust us with your information. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. This is important; we hope you will take time to read it carefully.


There are many different ways you can use our services. When you share information with us, for example by creating a user account, we can make those services even better. As you use our services, we want you to be clear how we’re using information and the ways in which you can protect your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • •.What information we collect and why we collect it. 

  • •.How we use that information. 

  • •.The choices we offer, including how to access and update information. 

We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, but if you’re not familiar with terms like cookies, IP addresses, pixel tags and browsers, then you should Google these terms and read about them so that you have some idea what is being discussed. Your privacy matters to the website so whether you are new to the website or a long-time user, please do take the time to get to know our practices – and if you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Information we collect

We collect information to provide better services to all of our users – from determining which language you speak, to more complex things like which ads you’ll find the least irritating and the most useful.

We collect information in the following ways:

  • •.Information you give us. For example, we may soon offer Premium Services to our users. When we do, we will require you to sign up for a website account. To create an account, we’ll ask for personal information, like your name, email address, telephone number or credit card information.  

  • •.Information we get from your use of our services. In our continuing effort to serve you better, we collect information about the services that you use and how you use them, like whether you prefer to use spell check or grammar check, or view and interact with our ads and content. This information includes: 

    • •.Device information 

      We collect device-specific information (such as your hardware model, operating system version, and unique device identifiers. 

    • •.Log information 

      When you use our services or view content provided by the website, we automatically collect and store certain information in server logs. This includes: 

      • •.details of how you used our service. 

      • •.Internet protocol address. 

      • •.device event information such as crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and referral URL. 

      • •.cookies that may uniquely identify your browser or your the website Account. 

    • •.Location information 

      When you use the website services, we may collect and process information about your actual location. We use various technologies to determine location, including IP address, GPS, and other sensors that may, for example, provide the website with information on nearby devices, Wi-Fi access points and cell towers. 

    • •.Local storage 

      We may collect and store information (including personal information) locally on your device using mechanisms such as browser web storage (including HTML 5) and application data caches. 

    • •.Cookies and similar technologies 

      We and our partners use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit a the website service, and this may include using cookies or similar technologies to identify your browser or device. We also use these technologies to collect and store information when you interact with services we offer to our partners, such as advertising services or the website features that may appear on other sites.  The website uses Google Analytics to analyze the website traffic. When used in conjunction with the DoubleClick cookie, the Google Analytics information is linked, by the customer or by the website, using the website technology, with information about visits to multiple sites. 

In the future, when we offer website accounts, information we collect when you are signed in to the website, in addition to information we obtain about you from partners, may be associated with your the website account. When information is associated with your the website Account, we treat it as personal information.


How we use information we collect

We use the information we collect from all of our services to provide, maintain, protect and improve them, to develop new ones, and to protect the website and our users. We also use this information to offer you tailored content, for example, showing you ads you are less likely to hate and more likely to click on.


When you contact the website, we keep a record of your communication to help solve any issues you might be facing. We may use your email address to inform you about our services, such as letting you know about upcoming changes or improvements.

We use information collected from cookies and other technologies, like pixel tags, to improve your user experience and the overall quality of our services.  When showing you tailored ads, we will NOT  associate an identifier from cookies or similar technologies with sensitive categories, such as those based on race, religion, sexual orientation or health.


We may combine personal information from one service with information, including personal information, from other the website services. We will not combine DoubleClick cookie information with personally identifiable information unless we have your opt-in consent.

We will ask for your consent before using information for a purpose other than those that are set out in this Privacy Policy.

The website processes personal information on our servers in oher countries around the world. We may process your personal information on a server located outside the country where you live.


Transparency and choice

People have different privacy concerns. Our goal is to be clear about what information we collect, so that you can make meaningful choices.