About Grammar Checkup

Grammar checking at the speed of light

Approximately one year before launching this service, our team of computational experts and Natural Language Processing practitioners set out to build the best free grammar checking service. Despite entering a space filled with well-established businesses, we found the market to be filled with slow and expensive software that doesn't meet the needs of the people that need it most. Creativity, discipline, and innovation are the fundamental pillars that allow GrammarCheckup to create results and remove the limitations facing similar services. Through a culture of innovation and productivity, we have developed the fastest and most reliable grammar checker available today. And it's completely free.

The staff of GrammarCheckup is committed to helping writers achieve their fullest potential. We strive to bring out the best in every writer while helping them achieve their immediate academic goals. Our R&D efforts will assure a continuing series of updates with increasing and improved capabilities in the field of Grammar Checking, Spelling Check, and Automated Proofreading. See our full list of features here.